Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll create an event that includes a description, time, number of fans that can participate, entry type, and price. Once the event is created, fans can purchase, bid on, enter a lottery, or join the queue for the opportunity to participate. Once they are confirmed as participants, they will have access to the on-event messenger, where you can pass whatever information you need back and forth, like usernames or Discord links. Events close, meaning they no longer accept entrants and choose auction or lottery winners, 10 minutes before the specified event time. Queues close 12 hours after the specified time.
Hit the create new event button in the navbar. Then, you can enter a title, description, time, number of fans that can participate, event type, price, and thumbnail. All of these fields are optional and will auto-fill if left blank. Description is a more detailed explanation of the event and of any requirements you may have, like a certain level or role in a game. You can also specify how long you will be playing for, if you might switch games, or any other details you think are worth sharing. Number of fans specifies how many people can play. For example, if you were playing 4-person squads, you’d allow three fans to purchase or win. For lotteries, you can also specify how many people can enter the lottery to ensure that the odds of winning don’t drop too low. The event type specifies how people join. It can be a purchase, bid, lottery, or queue.
There are four different event types: Buy, bid, lottery and queue. Buy is a first-come-first-serve purchase. You set a price and the number of purchases that can be made, and the first set of fans to pay that price are part of your event. Bid is a traditional auction. You specify a starting bid and the number of winners, and ten minutes before the event starts, the highest bids are entered into your event. Lottery is a normal raffle. You specify a price, the number of people that can enter, the raffle, and the number that can win. When the maximum number of people enter, or 10 minutes before the event is set to happen, we randomly pick the winners. Queue allows fans to line up to join the event. You then pull a number of fans in to play at a time. You can kick them once you're done and pull teh next set. You can also create a priority queue. Priority queue allow paying users to enter a special queue that goes first. Users can still enter the normal queue for free.
We're currently integrated with Twitch and Streamlabs. You can sign up or log in with Twitch or attach your Twitch account from settings. Once your Twitch account is connected, you can create subscriber only events. Fans' Twitch accounts must be connected for their subscriber status to show. We also have a Twitch chatbot. It allows fans to join the event and allows you to pull people from a queue directly in chat. We're integrated with Streamlabs as well. You can choose to have donation alerts appear when fans purchase events. Alerts will only appear on events with a price.
To enable the bot, email us at [email protected] You must have your Twitch account linked for the bot to function. Once the bot is enabled, make sure you mod it. Commands: !granitehelp lists the available commands. !graniteinfo returns the event details, like type, title, and price. !granitejoin lets fans join your event. !granitenext X is a streamer only command. It aallows you to specify a number of people to pull from queue. !graniteplace allows users to see their place in queue.
Absolutely! Our hope is to encourage as much interaction as possible, and free events are a great way to get more people involved.
If you don’t want to host a gaming event, you could watch sports, esports, tv shows, in a call together. You could discuss political events or other topics you might find interesting. Another option would be to host someone else’s stream while you have some downtime (maybe you need to run to the grocery store or do errands for an hour). You could even create an event to play with fans AND host the fan’s stream. It’s really up to you, so get creative!
Most information can be put into the description. If you have information that you only want the event winners to see, like a Discord link, you can use our on-event messenger. Only people who have purchased or won your event have access to the messenger.
93%. Our goal is to support you and your community, so we want to stay out of your way. The 7% fee is to cover transaction costs on our end. To be clear, we do not intend to make money from this fee.
When you have over $100 in your account balance, you can go to “Funds” in the profile menu and request to be paid out. We’ll pay out the full balance of your account within two weeks.
Our goal is to support you, so we don’t actually make money on our 7% fee. We display ads to make sure we can pay our salaries and continue building a great site for the community.
We are required by the IRS to file Form 1099-MISC by January 31 for non-employee compensation if the sum of all payments made to you or your unincorporated business is greater than or equal to $600 in one tax year. Per the IRS, you must report all income as taxable, even if it is less than $600. Even if we are not required to issue a Form 1099-MISC to you for payments below $600 in one tax year, the income, whatever the amount, is still reportable by you.
Verified creators will appear with a check mark by their name at all times. You can email us directly about becoming verified. You can also provide fans a link to your profile.
You’re in charge of your event. What you put in the description and what you reasonably request during the event is law. If a fan fails to heed any of the information put in your description, or any reasonable requests made of them in the event, you may remove them from the event without penalty.
You may remove any fan from any event for behavior you deem inappropriate or abusive in any way without penalty. You may want to record your event in case the fan tries to dispute this. To prevent someone from ever joining your events again, we have a block button located directly on someones profile.
Fans must file a complaint first. We’ll then contact you to review the situation. Recording your event in some way will provide concrete evidence of what happened. If you left or cancelled the event without reason, abused the fan in some way, or did something entirely different from your event, we’ll have to issue a refund.
Generally, yes. If only one refund was issued, it would open up opportunities to exploit events. In special cases, we may not issue refunds to everyone.
We’ll investigate first. Recording your session provides proof of your actions.
If you cancel before the event is closed (10 minutes before the start time), no problem. If you have to cancel just before or during the event, just let us know and we’ll issue a refund.
Absolutely. We suggest you get the fans consent in the on-event messenger in case they decide to dispute. It’ll provide us with a record of the agreement.
We don’t have a built in scheduler yet, but just provide those details clearly in your event description for now. If a fan can’t participate because they didn’t read your details, we will not issue a refund to them.
Not yet. Right now the best options are to cancel and make a new one or agree on a replacement time with the winners.
Right now, the best option is to cancel and start a new event. We’re working on a safe way to remove people from events.
It's simple! Make an account, follow all your favorite creators, and join events you’re interested in. Events close, meaning you can no longer join them, when they are full or ten minutes before the event is set to happen. Queues end 12 hours after they open. You and the creator can pass whatever information you need in the on-event messenger. At the set time, you then participate in the event!
There are four different event types: Buy, bid, lottery, and queue. Buy is a first-come-first-serve purchase. You purchase the event for the set price and are guaranteed a spot. The messenger becomes available to you immediately. Bid is a traditional auction. The page will list the minimum bid. You can be outbid at any time before the event closes. Lottery is a normal raffle. You buy a ticket for the set price, and winners are randomly selected when the event is filled or 10 minutes before the event starts. Queue allows you to line up to play. The creator then pulls you in and gives you access to the chat. Priority queue allows you to skip the queue by paying for the event. It's still free to enter the normal queue.
Click on an event thumbnail to get to the event page. For buy and lottery events, just click on the “Join” or “Buy” button. If you have enough money in your account, you’ll purchase the event or be entered into the lottery. For bid, enter the minimum bid or greater and submit your bid. If it is not high enough, you’ll need to enter the new minimum. Because bids come in extremely quickly, the minimum bid displayed may not be up to date. To win a bid event, you will have to have one of the high bids when it closes. Lottery, buy, and bid events close, meaning purchases and bids are no longer accepted and the winners are chosen for lotteries and auctions, 10 minutes before the event begins. To join a queue, click the join queue or join priority queue buttons. If there is a price, you will only be charged when the creator pull you in to play. Queues close after 12 hours.
Any information you and the creator need to communicate can be done in the on-event messenger. It is private to the creator and other event participants, so the information posted will not be visible to the general public. Still, we encourage you to never give away sensitive information like passwords.
93% of the money goes to the creator. Our goal is to help support creators, so we want to make sure they get as much of the revenue as possible. The 7% fee is to cover transaction costs on our end.
To add money to your account, go to the “Funds” tab of the profile menu. You can then add funds using PayPal or a credit card. We use PayPal to process all transactions and ensure they stay secure. It may take some time for your purchase to be reflected in your account balance.
Nope! Some events require money to participate, but others are free. You’ll be able to see the price of an event on both the event thumbnail and on the event page itself.
Our goal is to support creators, so we don’t actually make money on our 7% fee. We display ads to make sure we can pay our salaries and continue building a great site for the community.
Some creators will have a verified checkmark by their name to let you know that they are the real person. For unverified creators, you may want to follow a link provided by the creator.
We expect you to understand the details of the events you are joining and to comply with any reasonable requests the event creator may make during the event. However, if you encounter any inappropriate or abusive behavior from the creator and are forced to leave the event, you may request a refund. You can also request a refund if the creator does not show or if they completely deviate from the event description. To avoid seeing any events from a particular person, we have a block function on individual profiles.
Please email us at [email protected] with the event name, the event creator, and your complaint. We’ll review the complaint, so please include any proof you have, including, but not limited to, a recording of the event. If we believe the creators actions were inappropriate, we’ll issue a refund.