Granite Fee Policy

Last revised: Sep. 21, 2018

Our goal is to support creators and their communities, so we’ve tried to create a Fee Policy to do just that.

When you create an event, 93% of the event revenue (the total amount participants paid to enter the event) goes to you. The 7% we keep is to cover transaction costs on our end. We do not intend to make money from this fee. The 93% will be credited to your account balance 72 hours after the start of your event. This 72 hour period is to allow for any necessary conflict resolution.

In order for us to pay you, you must fill out and submit an Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 by going to: [link to be provided when money functionality is available]

When you have over $100 in your account balance, you can go to “Funds” in the profile menu and request to be paid out. We can only pay to PayPal accounts at this time. We’ll pay out the full balance of your account within two weeks. At this time, you are responsible for covering the transaction fees associated with receiving this payment. The $100 minimum is to reduce the transaction costs on your end.

PayPal is our third party provider for online payments. You can find their fee schedule here.

We reserve the right to update this Fee Policy from time to time. It is your sole responsibility to check the Fee Policy from time to time to view any such changes.